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totesport free bet


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Totesport is a very familiar name on the UK betting scene, but if you are yet to open an account then a nice little bonus awaits you! Read on to learn how to claim the new customer bonus using the latest Totesport promo code. Note – this offer was previously only available to mobile users, so please ensure you sign up on your phone or check first if you are using your computer.

Why Totesport?

Totesport is part of “The Tote” – which was established close to 100 years ago. It is the only organisation in the UK that can offer pool betting on horse racing, which is a variation from the fixed odds used by other bookmakers. As a registered user of the Totesport website you will be able to get involved with pool betting, in fact they have a section of the website dedicated to the “Totepool.” The bottom half of this page is further reading on pool betting and how it works, along with some of the different types of pooled bets available with Totesport.

The good news is that the offer introduces you to everything on offer at Tote. A bet with traditional odds, or perhaps as a nice way to introduce yourself to pool betting.

How do I claim my Totesport bonus?

Three easy steps!

1. Click on any of the Totesport banners on this page. You will see the promotion page confirming the details of the offer.
2. Click “Join Now” to open the registration page, where it takes just a moment to fill in your details.
3. Meet the criteria of the offer and enjoy a boost as you get started!

Please note – near the bottom of the registration form is a field for a Totesport promo code. You do NOT need to enter anything to claim this offer, we’ve done the hard work for you!

totesport promo code

More about Totesport and pooled betting

The betting pool and dividends

Once signed up with Totesport you’ll be able to enjoy both traditional fixed odds betting and Tote pooled betting. The pooled betting is quite different from fixed odds betting, as it depends on the bets of other punters and you do not know the exact possible dividends until the pool is closed.

When the pool is closed, the total fund and the value of bets on each runner are known, allowing the final dividends to be calculated. This is done to a unit stake of £1, e.g. the dividend on a winning horse might be displayed as “£5.” As this is per £1 wagered, it can be easily converted to traditional fractional odds, in this case the equivalent of 5-1. During the betting leading up to a race, the Tote would usually display an approximation of the expected dividend for any given selection, allowing punters an idea of what could be expected should it win.

Types of pool bet available at Totesport

In addition to the usual win and place markets, there are a variety of different Tote pools available. These are in fact similar to the bets you’d expect to see with a normal bookmaker, but they are under different names. Below are some of the Tote bets, the corresponding names, and the type of bet:

Tote Exacta = Straight Forecast. First 2 horses in order.
Tote Combination Exacta = Reverse Forecast. First 2 horses in either order.
Tote Banker Exacta = Banker Forecast. Pick the winner, and any number of other runners to finish second.

Tote Trifecta = Tricast. First 3 horses in order.
Tote Combination Trifecta = Forecast Tricast. First 3 horses in any order.
Tote Banker Trifecta. Pick the winner, and any number of other runners to finish second and third.

Pool betting across multiple races:

The bets above are for a single race, but if you want to bet on multiple races, there are a variety of more involved bets to choose from:

Tote Quadpot. This operates on races 3 to 6 of the card at every UK race meeting. To win the dividend, choose a horse to place from each of these races. You are allowed to choose more than 1 horse per race to improve your chances, although this will obviously be a bet that requires a higher initial investment.

Tote Placepot. This is a slightly bigger pool than the Tote Quadpot, with similiar rules. It operates on the first 6 races of every UK race meeting. As with the Quadpot, any winning selections from the first race are taken forward to the next one, and so on until you either win a dividend, or all selections are eliminated. It is perfectly possible to have multiple winning lines when you select several runners per race!

Tote also offer pools across multiple races at multiple racecourses. These are popular bets and the bigger ones have jackpots than run into hundreds of thousands! You may well have heard of the hugely popular Scoop6, where the aim is to pick 6 winners from 6 difficult races across the UK. It is difficult because the races chosen normally have a large number of runners, many of which have little or no recent form in the book. The Scoop6 operates on Saturdays and is the biggest of the Tote pools.

Finally, the Tote Jackpot is the original, every day version of Scoop6. It operates on a daily basis, and follows the same rules as Scoop6. 6 races across the UK, 6 winners required for the Jackpot. As it is difficult to win, the Jackpot often rolls over from day to day, and can build up to some seriously large values!

We hope this brief guide helps, remember to use your Totesport sign up offer when you join today!

Good luck!

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