What is a free bet?

We’ve looked at some basic betting concepts, so now its time to get stuck in. What better way to do this than take advantage of an online bookmakers free bet offer!

So how do free bets work?

The world of online betting is a competitive place. The bookies all want you as their customer, so are willing to give you various incentives to join them. These incentives are usually in the form of free bets! You will typically find that you join the site, deposit some money, and the bookie will match your deposit up to a certain value. This is effectively free money, with the only condition being that you must use this money to place a bet. Fine, as that’s why we are here!

So Let’s look at an example: The Betfair Free Bet

You’ve spotted a very generous offer of a free bet at Betfair, how do you get started?

Firstly, visit the appropriate page, which will open a new window:

Betfair free bet:

You’ll be taken to a sign up page, fill in your details and create a new account. Ensure you follow a good security practice by using a unique username and strong password combination for the site.

Once you are logged in you will be taken through the steps to make your first deposit. Make a deposit that will be sufficient to cover the free bet, at this stage there is no need to deposit any more.

That’s the admin out the way, we’re logged on any ready to place our free bet! But before you take the plunge, one last point of note – have a quick check of the terms and conditions before you put your money down. For example, you might find that your free bet is actually a match to the value of your first bet, in which case you’ll need to bet the maximum amount. It would be a waste to have a £50 free bet offer but only end up with a couple of quid!

Next, check if there are any other rules to comply with? Another example, the bookie might only give you the free bet if your first bet loses. Sounds like a waste of time? Not necessarily, what if you place your first bet on a high priced outsider? You might put £25 on a horse at 10-1 (decimal odds = 11). If that wins you’ll have £275 back, if not you lose nothing!

Once the bet is placed, you can sit back and watch the match or the race! All the better knowing you’ve got a free bet on the result!