Betdash free bet

Betdash £20 free bet

Betdash – Bet like a billionaire!

Ever wanted to really splash the cash around? Welcome to Betdash, where you will have the opportunity to do exactly that!

So what’s the deal? Betdash is a completely new concept in online betting. The crux of the idea is that you start with a virtual £100,000 and are challenged to turn it into a million in just 10 days! But there’s a lot more to it than just betting big, its a social game where you will be actively engaging with other players, unlocking betting boosters, completing challenges and winning awards. To give you a flavour of the sort of thing you can expect, you might fancy challenging another players selections, and you will win a bonus if they lose!

The social side of Betdash encourages you to interact with other players – for instance you might look through the bet feed (of other players recent bets) and see one that you fancy for your own account. Simply copy it! You’ll even earn a piggyback bonus for doing so. As you place bets and make progress towards the virtual million, you will unlock various additional boosters, such as a £20,000 free bet or the ability to make even bigger bets. If you make it all the way to the final booster you will unlock the ability to bet your entire bankroll, which might well be just the thing you need to double up your final bet.

Betdash can be played for free, but for those of you looking to spice it up a bit we can offer a £20 free bet when you start with just a fiver. When playing for cash there are various buy-in levels, and the more you bet the more you will win if you are successful with your picks. Getting all the way to the million pays 24/1, so a buy-in of just a tenner gives a potential return of £250. If you don’t make the million but are doing well, there are also options to cash out along the way.

This really is an innovation in online betting, we thoroughly recommend that you check it out!

How do I claim this Betdash offer?

We’ve made it all nice and easy for you to get started. All you need to do is click on either of the Betdash banners on this page to be taken directly to the Betdash offer. You’ll see the page explaining some more about how it all works, and a “register now” button on the right hand side. You’ll note at this point that you can play for free if you like, some people like to test it out by doing this first, so feel free to give it a go!

When you click “register now” it will ask you to pick a username, then you’ll be given the virtual cash – a suitcase full of £100,000 ready for you to start betting with! Next you’ll be taken to the sportsbook and invited to place your first bet, pick whatever you like and get your money on. Once you’ve done this it will take you to the login, where you either login or create a new account. To qualify for the Betdash free bet you need to deposit and play your first game with £5 minimum. Because you have clicked the banner on this page you’ll qualify automatically, there’s no need to enter a Betdash promo code.

That’s it and away you go, can you make the million in 10 days? Give it your best shot!

This superb Betdash promotion is just one of many free bets and bookie bonuses available. Be sure to check back to Free Bet Source for all the latest betting news, reviews and special offers.

Good luck!