138 bet £25 bonus code

£25 free bet promotion from 138 bet

New offer! Join 138.com and grab their biggest and best account promotion, a free bet value you can choose for yourself, up to £25.

Why 138 bet?

138 bet is one of the biggest Asian betting companies, and continues to be hugely popular with gamblers in the Far East. Following on from their huge success in their home territory, they have expanded into Europe and are already proving popular with both established European bettors and the Asian community living and working abroad.

They are getting bigger by the day, as recent sponsorship deals with Watford and Newcastle testify. So why so popular? Two simple things. Firstly, they do a good job of everything you’d expect from a mainstream bookie. Secondly, they offer a bit more than most – with their speciality being the Asian handicap markets that have traditionally been so popular with gamblers in the Far East. Nowadays these markets are really catching on in Europe as well, as savvy punters enjoy this twist on standard betting.

We’d suggest you head on over to 138 bet and have a look for yourself. If you are yet to try Asian handicap betting we suspect you’ll enjoy it! One of the clever things with this type of betting is the way it levels the playing field by giving a headstart to one of the teams. Say for example you’ve got a strong favourite in a football match, the Asian handicap will give them a 2 or 3 goal deficit to make up. So you can now back the favourite at a decent price, but needing to make up the extra goals first! A one-sided 4-0 victory has never been more interesting!

You’ll also note with Asian handicap betting that there are only 2 outcomes for a football match. This is because it does away with the draw (tie). If the match finishes in a tie after the handicap has been applied, your money is refunded. Sometimes the handicap will have a “half goal” included, to ensure there can not be a tie, e.g. a +2.5 handicap. Check out 138 bet and have a look at the latest football matches to see plenty of examples of this fascinating type of betting.

How to claim the £25 138 bet bonus

To make sure of your eligibility for this £25 you MUST click one of the 138bet banners on this page. Clicking it will open the 138 bet promo page, where the details of the bonus offer can be seen in full. Click on “Bet Now” to open up the registration page, where it’s 3 quick and easy steps to register with the site. It’s as simple as entering your details and confirming you receive the welcome email, and away you go.

Do I need a 138 bet promo code?

No. All you need to do is make sure you click either of the banners on this page, this will automatically qualify you to receive the best current 138 bet promo. There’s no requirement for any 138 bet bonus code or promo code, it’s already been taken care of for you.

How does the 138 bet bonus work?

The 138 bet offer is a 100% deposit match of your FIRST bet. If you want to avail of the maximum free bet you should ensure your first bet is £25.

There are some restrictions you should be aware of though, and the key ones are detailed below. Please note that this list is correct at the time of publishing, but you should always refer to the current terms on the 138 bet site for confirmation of the up to date terms.

Main terms:

– Place your first bet of at least £10 (maximum £25) and you will receive 100% of your stake as a free bet
– Free bet can be claimed once the qualifying bet is settled
– Both qualifying bet and free bet must be placed at odds of 2.0 or greater

See 138bet for the full list.

This is a cracking offer, and a great way to get started with 138.com. Once you’re up and running with 138 bet we’re sure you’ll enjoy their site.

We’ll keep this promotion and all the others onsite bang up to date, so if you’re looking for a new free bet offer be sure to head back to FBS!

Good luck!