Online betting diary – May 2015

May 2015

27th May, 11am

We now know the Champions League final line up, and it’s Juventus who are perhaps the surprise team to make it through. They have progressed at the expense of Real Madrid, who they disposed of with a typical Italian performance, largely keeping Real at bay, whilst managing to capitalise on the break. Unfortunately for us this was at the expense of our semi-final bet, we’d had a long shot on Bayern turning over their deficit against Barca, and gone all out for Real Madrid. In the end, it was easy for Barca and Juventus upset the applecart to take the other spot.

The final takes place in early June, so some summer football to look forward to!

12th May, 3pm

It’s Champions League semi’s this week, and by Thursday morning we’ll know the line up for this years final. We’ll have to wait a little longer than usual for the outright winner though, in an unprecedented change this year the final will take place in June owing to schedule changes following last summers World Cup. It looks set to be worth the wait though, with the mouth watering prospect of “El Clasico” (Real Madrid v Barcelona) contesting the match.

The first legs of the semis were played last week. As things stand Barcelona are bossing their tie 3-0 heading away to Bayern, whilst Juventus take a 2-1 home win away to Real Madrid for tomorrows second leg. A done deal for Barca? Maybe, but just look what Bayern did to Porto last time out! The Juve / Madrid match too close to call? Well it will be tight yes, but shapes up as a fascinating tie.

Predictions? OK, lets get this over and done with. My gut feeling tells me that it will indeed be the Clasico for the final. Barca should see off Bayern with their huge advantage. Real have the away goal and a 1-0 win would do. The Italians can certainly defend, but it’s looking like any Madrid success this season is hinging on the Champions League. Back at home, I think they’ll get it done.

Sounds like an easy choice then? Yes, but I’m always a sucker for a big price, and therefore I’m going to have a little side bet to go with todays main pick. Speaking of which, where are we going for a bet?

At the double! Yep, we’re going with a double over tonight and tomorrow. More specifically, a qualification double. My main bet is the rather obvious selection of Barca / Madrid, but we’re going to throw in a bigger price side bet, with Bayern / Madrid the choice.

Why? Well lets have a look at the odds:


Barcelona 1.04
Bayern 25.00


Real Madrid 1.85
Juventus 2.16

Essentially, what we are betting on is the El Clasico final. We are expecting Barca to go through, so we’re taking a little bit extra from that game and rolling it into tomorrow, where Madrid have a much tougher ask, and hence a much more appealing price.

But in case Bayern do the unthinkable, and manage to turn it round, we’ll have a bet running into tomorrow either way. With the doubles paying the following prices:

Barca / Real 1.92
Bayern / Real 46.00

We’ll have our main shot on the top one at nearly evens, and simply stick a quid on the second. Our interest runs through to tomorrow night no matter the outcome, and hopefully Madrid will finish the job to bring our bet in.

Whatever the outcome, it looks set to be a couple of corkers!

Todays bet.

Champions League double, May 12th / 13th 2015.

Barcelona and Real Madrid to contest the final. £19 @ 1.92.
Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to contest the final. £1 @ 46.00

Good luck and enjoy the games!

8th May, 1pm

The end of the football season is nearly upon us, and it’s only fair that we start this week by offering our congratulations to newly crowned Premier League champions Chelsea. They’ve coasted over the line, but there is no doubt whatsoever that they’ve deserved the title over the course of the season. As for the also-rans, it’s a case of must do better. Chelsea have just 84 points, yet this is enough for an 11 point lead over Man City in 2nd place.

The real telling statistics come when you look back over recent Premier League years, and see that 84 points would normally be the heat of the battle going into the closing weeks. Chelsea have done their business brilliantly (particularly at times in the early part of the season), but the rest have made it far, far too easy for them. Lets hope it’s a little more competitive this time next year!

Time for a quick look back at April. We only placed the one bet, that was in the Champions League quarter finals and was a nice easy winner in the end. Bayern overturned an away defeat to wind up qualifying comfortably for the semis, and we took home a winner at 2.08.

The coming weeks will see plenty of competitive action, and we’ll be looking at some of the bigger games as they come along. Check back on Tuesday for a look at the second leg of the Champions League semis.