Online betting diary – June 2014

June 2014

28th June, 3pm

A cracking World Cup so far! We’ve only placed the one bet as yet, and Brazil are still going strong, so it’s nice to have an interest going into the latter stages of the tournament.

We’ll be looking to get a bet on a match down shortly, owing to some technical issues at our end, the previous diary wasn’t published in time. Check back in early July for a semi final preview and a bet on those.

8th June, 1pm

We’ve got just a few days until the big kick off! World Cup fever is certainly building, and the betting offers are coming thick and fast. Check out our World Cup section from the menu above to see the latest offers, it’ll be updated as the offers appear during the tournament.

If you fancy joining us for a punt, then you’ve come to right place. Today we are going to have an outright bet on the tournament, and we’ll later be looking at some of the earlier group games. This will be after a few games have been played and we’ve seen how the teams are settling into the humid conditions.

One team that isn’t going to have any problems with the conditions is Brazil. The hosts know what to expect from the climate, and will also enjoy home advantage and the enthusiam of their partizan home support! We saw last summer the effect this can have, when Brazil swept Spain aside to win the Confederations Cup final 3-0. If they make this tournament look as easy, they are going to be right there when the big games come around in early July.

There are plenty people also making a case for Argentina, but for me they just don’t seem to ever manage it on the big stage. This is despite having Messi in their ranks, who has never quite reproduced his Barcelona form on the International stage. Maybe the likes of Aguero and Di Maria will help this time? They might be worth a small bet, particularly if you take advantage of one of the enhanced odds offers, but not for me.

History tells us that no team from Europe has ever won a World Cup in South America, and my bet is that this won’t change. If we rule out the likes of Germany and Spain, perhaps the only other team that could battle their way to it would be Uruguay. But I just fancy that they’ll come unstuck somewhere, quite possibly as a result of their own ill-discipline! They try every trick in the book, and employ a win at all costs approach, but with the stricter referreeing we’re promised, this isn’t going to work this time. Given the draw, it’s entirely possible they could make it to a final with Brazil, but if they do I simply cannot see them having enough to usurp the hosts.

There’s only one place my money is going for this, it’s a home win.

Todays bet:

World Cup 2014, ante-post winner market.

Brazil to win the World Cup. £20 @ 4/1.

Enjoy the first few games, we’ll be back with another bet early next week!