Online betting diary – January 2014

January 2014

24th January, 1pm

We start today by offering our congratulations to Man City and Sunderland, the two teams who will contest the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley on 2nd March. Two very different semi-finals, with one going the distance and the other over before half time in the first leg! A cup final could be just the thing for Sunderland, a nice distraction from the league where they’ve struggled for points all season. A final note on the semi’s has to be a mention of possibly the worst penalty shoot out ever contested between two professional football teams. 3 scored from 10! And we thought England were bad at penalties…

This weekend we are switching cup competitions to the FA Cup. The action starts tonight, before the main program on Saturday, and a couple more TV fixtures on Sunday. The FA Cup has traditionally been the cup to look at for upsets, and there are a few teams who’ll have their eye on one this weekend. Let’s hope for the sake of the competition that one of them can do the business, you can’t beat a good giant killing!

We’ve compiled a list of fixtures where a giant killing really would be an upset. Not likely, as you’ll see by their stated odds, but you never know!


Arsenal v Coventry (33/1)


Bournemouth (8/1) v Liverpool ***
Man City v Watford (36/1)
Southampton v Yoevil (11/1)


Chelsea v Stoke (14/1)

*** We’ve starred this result, because 8/1 about Bournemouth hardly seems like much value. Liverpool at 1.41 is the likely winner, and we reckon Bournemouth would be delighted with a draw and subsequent Anfield replay.

If you are feeling brave, why not try a quid on the five selections above? Possibly the most stupid accumulator bet of all time? It would pay out at just under 220,000/1! Disclaimer – we do not recommend wasting a quid on this!

On the other side of the coin, if you back the five strong favourites, the accumulator will pay out 2.82. Close to 2/1, this does seem a worthwhile bet, and is one that should run all weekend into the final TV match.

If there’s one danger in the bet, it’s probably the away game for Liverpool, but they will have their sights set on a Wembley final and their best chance of a trophy this season. If they do the business on the south coast, I think we’re looking at an easy winner at a decent price.

Enjoy the cup matches, and lets hope for a giant killing, just not in the matches of our accumulator!

Today’s bet.

5 team FA Cup accumulator, weekend of 24-26th January 2014.

Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Southampton and Chelsea to win. £10 @ 2.82.

13th January, 1pm

Apologies for the lack of update before the last round of football matches. One thing after another, and it was too late to get a tip online. We’ll have a proper look at the next lot of games and be back with a tip for that.

5th January, 3pm

Happy New Year!

We finished 2013 with a bang, a winning finish to a winning year! Our final bet actually took place on 1st Jan, but as the tip was from last year we’ll count it in the 2013 total. As a quick recap, the final pick of the year was the frankly staggering price of 2.04 about Chelsea away at Southampton. The signs were there that Chelsea are starting to look the part this season, and they certainly didn’t let us down, coasting to a 3-0 away win to bring our bet home. Our aim for 2014 is simply more of the same, if we can pick out this sort of value as the season unfolds it’ll be another winning year!

Stay tuned for an update early next week, the frantic Christmas and New Year period will settle down and we’ll get involved for our first tip of the year next weekend.