Free bets and promo codes, which one should I choose?

If you are looking for free bets, you won’t have to look very hard! The bookmakers are always offering free bets, promo codes and betting bonuses, there is a lot of choice out there.

So how should you decide which of the free bets is best for you?

We have compiled a list of 4 golden rules that it makes sense to follow whenever choosing a free bet. It’s worth giving these a few minutes thought before you sign up.

1. Choose a reputable company. There are a lot of bookmakers out there, and a lot of free bet offers. It is worth taking a moment to consider whether you trust the company with your hard earned cash? A simple rule of thumb here is to consider whether or not you’ve seen the bookie in question before? If they have a shop in the high street, or advertise on prime time TV, you can be sure they aren’t some two-bob Internet-only firm. Note that of course, all the bookies recommended by Free Bet Source are reputable, so you can’t go wrong with one of our offers!

2. Choose an appropriate free bet size for your betting budget. Yes, there are some fantastic offers of huge free bets, but often these will be more suited to someone who is willing to bet bigger. If you only intend to make more modest bets, then one of the smaller free bets will be better suited. The terms and conditions for the free bet will make clear what is required to claim it.

3. Check the terms and conditions for the free bet requirements. There can be limitations placed on the free bet offers, for example, you may have to back a selection at certain odds, or there may be a time limit imposed on the offer.

4. Personal preference. Take a moment to have a look around the bookies website. Do you like it? Is it easy to use? Is there easy access to your favourite betting markets? Remember that the free bet is just the beginning, you will be using the site time and time again, so it’s worth checking that you get on with it!

Take these simple rules into account and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy your free bets!