Football betting tips and advice

Betting on football

Betting on football

Football betting is big business. The options for doing so are incredible, if you can think of it you can bet on it! Its not just the big leagues either, you can bet on football matches the world over, even watching games live on the Internet.

So much choice, so many markets, so many opportunities!

Traditionally you might have wandered past the bookies and seen a few offers in the windows. They would always give you the match odds, maybe the correct score, sometimes the first goalscorer. You could pick up the long list in the shop and fill in an accumulator, but that was pretty much it.

Football betting online

Since the advent of online betting its become possible to bet on pretty much anything you like! The bookies now have hundreds of markets covering every aspect of every game. All the obvious ones are there, then there are specials and sometimes downright bizarre markets! What does it all mean? Opportunity!

Lets consider some common markets where opportunities may arise:

Number of goals. One of the most popular markets, and an exciting one to bet on during the game! Today you can bet if there will be any number of goals in a game. Fancy a high scoring game? You’ll get big odds on there being 6 or 7 goals! Expecting a bore draw? Back under 2 goals, being negative can have its rewards. But make sure you do your research before you bet, there is a wealth of information out there, use it to bet wisely.

Corners. How many corners will be awarded in the match? Check out the two teams, again it’s so easy to find out how many corners have been awarded in their last few games. Have a look at the odds, does anything stand out?

Cards. How many cards will be dished out in the game? Here you can check out the referee, is he fussy? Have a lot of players been sent off in previous match ups? Is it a local derby with a bit of spice to it? If you can answer yes to all these then it would seem reasonable to expect the same again.

What about some of the more obscure football betting markets?

Shirt numbers. What will the total shirt numbers of the goalscorers add up to? With the size of squads today there is a lot of scope for the result here and there’s often value to be found. What if the number 9 is withdrawn at the last minute and replaced by number 32? You can’t guarantee he’ll score, but you can get yourself a decent value bet.

Both teams to score? A yes or no market. Its easy to think positive when it comes to seeing the ball hit the back of the net! Most people watching the game enjoy seeing goals. But you might be surprised just how many games end with a clean sheet for one team. Do your research, pick the right game and being negative can pay off!

For the smart punter, there is always going to be a bet that stands out. Take a look through the list of football betting markets and don’t just bet on whim, do some research!