£20 Betdaq free bet

Betdaq £20 free bet

Betdaq has just released its latest offer, £20 in free bets and reduced commission!

Why Betdaq?

Betting exchanges are a little different to traditional online bookmakers, expanding on the betting options normally available. One particular way in which they do this is by enabling the customer to “lay” bets. This is effectively betting on a selection to lose!

If you are yet to try exchange betting then Betdaq is the perfect place to give it a try. Betdaq is one of the very best betting exchanges.

Betdaq has markets on pretty much every sport under the sun. Furthermore, many of these markets are “in-play” betting markets – which means you can continue to bet on them whilst the event is in progress. This in-play betting opens up a huge range of new options, such as the ability to trade in a style similar to the that seen on the hectic trading floors of the financial world!

At the moment Betdaq are offering a brand new free bet promotion worth up to £20. If your first bet on the exchange loses, you’ll get a free bet of up to £20.

As if a £20 Betdaq free bet wasn’t enough on its own, there is a second important reason to join up now. The current special offer includes reduced commission, which is just 3% at the moment.

With huge liquidity on all the main markets, Betdaq is going from strength to strength. If you are yet to get involved then there really has never been a better time.

How to use the £20 Betdaq promo code

Firstly, to ensure that you are eligible for the £20 offer you MUST click one of the Betdaq banners on this page. This will open the Betdaq promo page, where the full value of the offer is confirmed. Right in the middle of this page is a button to “Join Betdaq Now” – this takes you to the registration page.


To ensure you receive the full offer, it is necessary to enter the correct Betdaq Promotion Code. This promo code is located towards the end of the registration page, and should be filled in automatically. However, it is worth just checking that is has been before you proceed. The promo code should say:


Complete the registration form along with this Betdaq Promotion Code and you will soon be on your way to claiming your £20 free bet!

Remember to come back Free Bet Source to find hints and tips on exchange betting.

Good luck!